Lido [LDO] Price Prediction 2023-2024: Challenges Ahead

• Lido’s [LDO] Wrapped State ETH [wstETH] was at the top of charts on Aave [AAVE], with its Total Value Locked (TVL) increasing from $7.86 billion to $8.07 billion over the last seven days.
• However, there has been a decline in APR, user base, whale interest, and network growth for Lido.
• These factors could impact the protocol’s performance in the near future and it remains to be seen if Lido can overcome these challenges.

Lido Tops Ethereum Market on Aave

At press time, Lido’s [LDO] Wrapped State ETH [wstETH] was at the top of charts in the Ethereum [ETH] market on Aave [AAVE]. According to Defi Llama’s data, its Total Value Locked (TVL) increased from $7.86 billion to $8.07 billion over the last seven days.

Challenges Lie Ahead

However, declining APR (Annual Percentage Rate), user base, whale interest, and network growth raised concerns for Lido’s performance in the future. Dune Analytics‘ chart showed that APR declined over the last week while Messari reported that revenue generated by Lido also decreased during this period to 8.42 million dollars. Furthermore, whale interest in the LDO token declined over the last month despite its prices moving upwards and network growth decreased as well due to lack of new addresses interested in LDO at press time.. The velocity of the token also decreased suggesting that activity among holders also declined.

Will Interest Grow?

Growing interest in staking ETH through Lido is reflected by an increase in its TVL but this could come to a halt due to its declining APR and other issues mentioned above which may discourage users from joining or continuing their investment with LDO tokens.

Impact On Price

If a large number of whales began selling their holdings it could affect negatively affect price of LDO token due to decrease liquidity which is why it is important for users who hold these tokens keep track of current trends and developments related to protocol performance and make informed decisions when investing or divesting their funds into or out of platform respectively .


Although Lido’s wstETH is topping charts on Aave at present time , it is important to consider all factors before investing . It remains to be seen if lido can overcome these challenges and continue performing successfully .

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